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General Product Safety 

Consumer Protection Act 1987
Consumer Rights Act 2015
The General Product Safety Regulations 2005

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection legislation is generally outside of the advice that is provided generally by this website but you should be aware that various acts and regulations impose obligations on businesses to ensure that the products they produce or supply in the course of their business – supply includes hire – are safe.

“Supply” includes doing any of the following whether as principal or as agent:

hiring or lending goods

Providing the goods in exchange for any consideration other than money

Providing the goods in (or in connection with) the performance of a statutory function

Giving goods as a prize or otherwise making a gift of those goods

Where goods are supplied as part of the letting of accommodation, specific trading standards safety regulations will also apply.  It is therefore important that any contract between a property owner and the managing agent identifies who is responsible for these goods.

Agents may also be liable for the safety of goods in let holiday accommodation if the contract identifies them as the supplier of those goods.

See also: British and EU Safety Marks

Specific legislation applies to certain products such as upholstered furniture, electrical or gas appliances and toys, as examples. The General Product Safety Regulation 2005 require all other goods not mentioned in specific regulations, to be reasonably safe when produced.

Particular Reference should be had to the guidance on:

Electrical Appliances
Gas Appliances
Upholstered Furniture

Package Travel

The Package Travel Regulations relate to “packaged holidays”.  A packaged holiday is one where several travel-related components are combined, for example travel arrangements combined with accommodation, or accommodation combines with a leisure activity.  Most providers of self catering holiday accommodation will be unaffected by the Regulations.  However, if you offer holiday accommodation combined with a holiday activity eg diving or sailing courses or organised tours or events, these regulations may affect your business and you should contact the Trading Standards team for further information and advice.

Glass in Furniture
Glass in Windows & Door Panels
Bunk Beds
Electric Blankets

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