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ISO Certification                               

What is an ISO Certification?

ISO certification proves to your customers and clients that you are serious about quality, about reducing your impact on the environment and about health and safety.

The International Standards Organisation has created a set of management standards. They are called ISO Standards and the most common are ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 45001 for Health and Safety and ISO 14001 for Environment.

These standards are often misunderstood. They do not tell you how to run your business. They do not tell you how to go about your day to day activity or impose particular ways of working.

What they do is set out a regime that encourages you to write down what is important to you and how you will achieve your goals.

It then provides a framework for checking that you are meeting your own expectations, that you are doing what you said you would and for assessing whether or not what you are doing is effective.

Having your managment systems certified provides reassurance to your customers and enables you to expand your customer base.


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How it Works

ISO certification begins by setting out the processes and procedures you follow to ensure good quality services or product. It includes identifying your good practices and your bad practices and your goals and it includes identifying the risks to your business and your business opportunities.

If you are applying for an environmental certificate, it will also assess your impact on the environment and what you can realistically do to reduce that impact. If you are applying for a health and safety certificate, it will also identify the hazards in your business and how you manage them.

This analysis is written into a management system manual, along with how you will monitor your day to day activity and how you will review its effectiveness at achieving your goals.

You are then certified to say that your system complies with the standard and every year you are audited to ensure that it continues to comply. During the year, you do what you said you would do in your manual and keep the system under review.

When you get in touch with us, we will be able to be more specific about what certification would entail for you.

Our Price Promise

Our Role

We are ISO Consutants. Our role is to advise you. We help you to determine what should be in your management system manual and we help you write it.

We help you decide on the most sensible regime for monitoring and reviewing the system and help you manage it throughout the year.

We also advise you on which certifying body to choose.

Our job is to make implementing and managing the system simple and cost-effective, with minimal disruption by ensuring that what you create will enhance your business and help you win more contracts.

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The cost of our services will depend upon the level of complexity of your business, not just on its size. The same is true of the costs of the certifying body.

Our costs can be as little as £1,500 for one of the standards but it is also cost-effective to apply for certification to more than one standard at a time.

The cost of the initial certificate from the certifying body will depend on who you choose. If we certify you, the cost will be included in the implementation fee. If you choose a UKAS Certified Body to certify you the cost can be as low as £650. We will be able to provide you with a detailed quote once we have spoken to you.

The annual audit from the certifying body will be charged by them at a†daily rate.

The cost of our ongoing services will depend on how much help you need from us during the year. You are in control this.

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Our Price Promise

When you contact us to start the process, we will ask you certain questions about your business. 

We will assess the information you provide to us and then send you a formal written confirmation of the total cost we envisage.

You are not committed to anything until you have approved that quote.

That is our Price Promise so please do not hesitate to contact us with your details.


Did you know:

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforce health and
safety law

Fines for some breaches of the law can be unlimited

You could be imprisoned for
up to 2 years

A death at work might be prosecuted as a case of manslaughter

Managers can be prosecuted
as well as owners

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