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Construction Advice: CDM Regulations 2015  

Competent Construction Advice.

The CDM Regulations 2015 were a game changer for the construction industry. The 2015 CDM Regulations apply to all construction work, including work on domestic properties for domestic clients, and they apply no matter how big or small the project is.

Every construction or construction-related business is affected and so are those for whom the work is being done and in addition to general health and safety advice from a competent person, businesses in construction-related industries, and anyone having construction work done, must also have competent construction advice.

We can provide that advice and practical, proportionate and cost-effective guidance.

Our advice will fit your needs and will be tailored to suit your individual circumstances and the size of the project.

Why should I worry about the health and safety on a site or complying with the CDM 2015 Regulations?

Firstly, knowing that someone may get hurt or even die because you did not worry about it, is morally wrong. It is wrong to expect workers to work when they are not safe or when their health is threatened by thinigs that can easily be controlled.

Secondly, it is the law and you could go to jail. Even if you are the client who has commissioned the work.

The CDM Regulations are a set of statutory obligations that must be followed for any construction site. This now includes work on domestic properties for domestic clients. Failure to comply is a criminal offence punishable by fines and by imprisonment and the fines have increased by 80% in the last few years alone.

How can we help you?

We can be involved in all stages of a project. From the start of the design process to the finish; or we can get involved with certain parts or certain groups involved in the project:

Are you a design team looking for health and safety advice on a project?

Are you starting a project but you’re uncertain what your responsibilities are?

Are you a Principal Contractor that needs a construction phase plan, risk assessments and site audits?

Are you a subcontractor who must provide a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) to a Principal Contractor or Client?

We have the experience and the knowledge to deliver health and safety across the site.

Call us on 01452 864213 or Email us for a quote.

Are you the person having the work done?

If you are the person for whom the work is being done, you are a construction client and you have obligations under the CDM Regulations that you may not be aware of.

Do you know what a Form F10 is? Do you know what welfare facilities meet the requirements and what has to happen before work can start?

Give us a call on (01452) 864213 or Email us so that we may provide you with an outline of what is expected of you, whether you are a commercial operation or a householder.

Are you a Designer or Architect?

We can support your role as a designer and assist you in meeting your obligations under the CDM Regulations.

As the first professional likely to be approached by a Client, you have a substantial burden to discharge and must have in place the necessary procedures to discharge those responsibilities, including how to inform your Client of their duties and how to manage design risks.

One of those burdens is the Health and Safety File at the end of the Project. We are very happy to take that responsibility off your shoulders so that you can move onto the project without wasting hours chasing contractors on a finished one.

Give us a call on (01452) 864213 or Email us so that we may provide you with an outline of what is expected of you.

Are you a Principal Contractor or Site Manager?

Construction work cannot begin unless you have drafted a site specific construction phase plan. A generic standard will not do. Work also has to wait until you have secured the site and provided the appropriate welfare facilities. Our small builder’s package includes a site set up pack that includes an easily adapted construction phase plan, the site set up risk assessments, site induction, site rules and a bundle of method statements and safe systems of work.

We also provide site audits so that you can evidence compliance with your management plan and a subcontractor assessment service so that you can be satisfied that your contractors meet the minimum competency requirements to work safety on your site.

Give us a call on (01452) 864213 or Email us if you need help with site set up, help with a project, a flexible construction phase plan, site audits or risk assessments.

Are you a Contractor?

There is nothing more frustrating than quoting for a job then being told that you then have to go out and hire a health and safety consultant to help you put together a set of risk assessments and method statements that cost more than the job is worth or being told that the paperwork you have is no good and that you cannot get on site.

Let us get you properly prepared well in advance. We will help you produce your risk assessments and method statements and train you in how to complete them in a way that makes them site-specific.

We provide health and safety policies, RAMS (risk assessments and method statements), site specific schedules, safe systems of work, staff manual, first aid risk assessment and more. Ring us so we can get you onto site! Check out our RAMS packages and give us a call all on (01452) 864213 or Email us.

CDM Training

We provide a wide range of construction training courses and online toolbox talks for all grades through our sister The training can be carried out off site on mobile phones, lap tops or PCs. However, our unique virtual training room means that you can conduct your training on site, in a group, and still have a certificate for everyone. Unlike most online training, we do not need individual email addresses in order to generate individual certificates.

We are also one of the only companies providing training in the roles and responsibilities under the CDM regulations that also meets CPD standards:

• CDM 2015 Overview

• CDM 2015 Clients – Commercial and Domestic

• CDM 2015 Principal Designer

• CDM 2015 Principal Contractor

• CDM 2015 Designer

• CDM 2015 Contractor

• CDM 2015 Health and Safety File

• CDM 2015 Welfare Facilities

• CDM 2015 Worker

Check out our price promise or contact us for advice and a free upfront quote. You have nothing to lose!

If you would prefer to do your own risk assessments then our sister company provides templates for risk assessments and health and safety policies.

We are also here to help you with you CHAS or Safe Contractor applications.

Did you know:

THe CDM Regulations 2015
make it a criminal offence
not to ensure the health and safety of workers on site

If you are the person having the work done, you could be liable too.

All contractors and designers must carry out the specific
duties assigned to you


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