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Basic Food Hygiene - Register Your Premises

Food Hygiene Regulations 2006
Food Hygiene (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2010

Registering as Food Premises and Licenses to Sell Alcohol

If you provide or supply food regularly, you must register the business as food premises
with your Local Environmental Health Department. Registration is free and failure to
register is an offence.

Registration must be renewed after each change of ownership. Environmental Health
Practitioners carry out routine food hygiene inspections of food businesses to ensure
compliance with Food Safety Legislation.

Your local authority, not the Licensing Justices at the Magistrates Court, now deals with licences for the sale or supply of alcohol. If you wish to sell alcohol and do not already have a licence, you need to contact your local Environmental Health or Licensing Department.

The main safety risks are food poisoning, foreign bodies in food and food allergies.
Food poisoning is a much higher risk in premises offering prepared food. You can minimise the risk by implementing good hygiene practices and by properly maintaining your premises. All food businesses must have a food safety management system.

Food allergies are a complex issue with the potential to be life threatening. You should be aware of potential problems. Comprehensive and accurate menu information should be available to your customers

Further sources of information

The Environmental Health Department of your local Council for information and advice.

You can also visit the Food Standards Agency website at

Contact us to help you conduct a full risk assessment of your premises

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