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Health and Safety for Subcontractors                               

Subcontractors Obligations

Sub contractors have the same health and safety obligations as all employers. Even self-employed subcontractors have the obligation to ensure that they are working safely, are protecting themselves from harm and protecting anyone who may be affected by their work.

But it can be difficult being a subcontractor, particulary if you are being asked for paperwork on some jobs and not on others; you are being asked to fit in with the Client's health and safety policies rather than your own or you have to fill in endless forms before you can even start the job.

We understand those problems and we are here to take the pain out of the paperwork. Contact us and we will talk through with you ways in which you can manage your health and safety going-forward so as to cut down on needless time-wasting and form-filling and at the same time, ensure that you and your employees are safe and your legal obligations are met.

We can help:

Standard Method Statement

Standard Risk Assessment


Health and Safety Policy

Subcontractor Approvals

CHAS and Safe Contractor

Form Filling

Peace of Mind

Our policies are ideal for all small businesses including sole traders in the construction industry

The Cost

We have several packages for small businesses that may suit you. Check out our start up package and our RAMS Package - both of which have been specifically designed for small businesses of less than 6 employees and are priced accordingly but which can be tailored to larger enterprises.

If you have more than 5 employees then the pricing will reflect the greater complexity of your business.

However, our price promise is not to start work until we have provded a free upfront written quote that you have approved.

We can also help with CHAS and Safe Contractor applications and obtaining approved contractor status from principal contractors or major enterprises.

When you get in touch with us, we will be able to be more specific.

Did you know:

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforce health and
safety law

Fines for some breaches of the law can be unlimited

You could be imprisoned for
up to 2 years

A death at work might be prosecuted as a case of manslaughter

Managers can be prosecuted
as well as owners

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