The Health and Safety Consultant keeping small business safe

The Health and Safety Consultancy:
the health and safety consultant specialising in small businesses

About Us:

Our health and safety consultancy is specifically geared to meet the real needs of small businesses, including those in Coventry and surrounding areas.

We are not interested in back covering.

Whatever the size of your business we will have solutions that are proportionate to your needs so that a good health and safety culture only costs you what it needs to cost.

We understand the conflicting demands on your time, money and resources and we understand why any business finds it hard to worry about health and safety in a recession, especially a small business.

But we also understand that you must. It's the law. And in the end, it makes financial sense.

Risk management should be about practical steps to protect people from real harm - not bureaucratic back covering. So take a look at our price promise then contact us for practical, down to earth advice and guidance on any of your health and safety needs.

Just Getting Started or Need a Safety Overhaul?

One of the hardest things about health and safety is getting started. That's why we have devised our no-nonsense small business package.

And if you've already got systems and procedures that need an overhaul, then our small business package will suit you too.

In either case, take a look at what's in our small business package and at our price promise and then contact us on a no-obligation basis.

It is our job to take the stress out of creating a health and safety policy that suits you and a set of risk assessments to keep your employees safe and then we will help you maintain them so that you operate your business within the confines of the health and safety legislation at a cost that suits you.

And if you looking for employee health and safety training, check out our unique approach.

Did you know:

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforce health and
safety law

Fines for some breaches of the law can be unlimited

You could be imprisoned for
up to 2 years

A death at work might be prosecuted as a case of manslaughter

Managers can be prosecuted
as well as owners